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Vitis Global is an American owned and operated company based in the American Midwest. We choose to focus on this region because it has the largest Slovenian population outside of Slovenia and a very large Russian and Eastern European population that is under-services by the large importers who focus on the east and west coasts. Despite our Midwest focus we do work with distributors across the country. At Vitis Global we believe in creating long-lasting relationships with each of our clients.


While our business strategy is different for each of our clients based on the type of products they produce and what the client's goals are. Some of the techniques that we regularly use are:


- Importing the product(s) ourselves rather than using another importer.

- Distributing the product(s) within our home state of Ohio.

- Making sales calls on stores, restaurants, and other businesses to increase the number of places who sell your product(s).

- Working directly with other distributors to sell your product(s) at wholesale to expand distribution while keeping costs low.

- Utilizing social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to increase customer awareness and increase brand recognition.

- And any other methods that the you may desire.


We work hard to make sure that as many of these extra services as possible come out of our own profit-margins so that no additional costs are passed on to you. Some exceptions to this would be if you requested us to run "large" scale social media campaigns, sponsor events with your brand, enter trade shows, etc. These are activities that we are more than happy to do for you but they may require you to share part of the costs. We will, of course, be attending trade shows with your product anyhow because we want to sell more of it on your behalf but dedicated or specialized shows where we are only showing your wines is what I was referring to earlier. We do all of this because we believe that the level of service we provide is one of the best ways to create and maintain long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.


Honesty is another thing that Vitis Global considers an essential part of maintaining successful relationships with our clients. We are young, hard working people with a passion for wine and spirits (and the occasional glass of tropinovec or chacha!). We all come from different backgrounds ranging from the restaurant industry, business, e-commerce, marketing, purchasing, and more. We pride ourselves in being able to think creatively outside the box and come up with innovative solutions. 


We believe that it is our work ethic that has convinced most of the brands that we work with to give us exclusive import rights to the United States or at least to the Midwest.

On behalf of everyone here at Vitis Global,

Bottoms Up!






Thank you so much for your help with our shipment. We had tried to figure out how to ship samples ourselves only to have them confiscated by Customs. We couldn't have gotten our wines to the show without your guidance.

       - Mikheil Amashukeli, Winery Owner

We worked with Elena to develop our first private label brand for our restaurant. It has been a huge success! Not only did Vitis Global handle all of the negotiations and logistics with the winery, but they helped with label design based on our desired price range and target audience. I can't recommend them enough!!!!

- James Robertson, Restaurant Co-Owner




3800 Woodland Avenue, Unit 4

Cleveland, Ohio 44115

+1(216) 407-0680


Thank you, we will get to you soon!

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